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The Institute of Islamic World Future Studies (IIWFS) is a non-profit institute whose aim is to strengthen the effective trends and drivers on making a better future for the Islamic World within the framework of undisputed power bloc of the world, through increasing convergence and unity among Islamic countries. The institute was founded in 2009 as a leading institute in the I.R. Iran in the field of cultural-artistic, political, economic and international Islamic World studies. Meanwhile initiating and promoting the field of Islamic World studies in higher education level and organizing scientific research courses and groups, the institute also tries to develop a realist-pragmatist perspective in convergence and unity of the Islamic world.

Mission statement:

IIWFS was founded with the task of studying issues and problems relevant to the Islamic World and tries to provide applied scientific-research, problem-based principles needed by elites and scholars in Iran and Islamic World.
The institute introduces and promotes the enabling doctrines and patterns to establish convergence and synergy among Islamic societies, also to confront with the distorted image of Islam and weakened of unique capabilities of the Islamic World.


The major activities of the IIWFS are considered as the following:

Holding national and international seminars and meetings in cooperation with universities and think tanks to study the unity among Islamic countries, peace and sustainable development are one of the main activities of IIWFS. In these seminars, IIWFS tries to establish a common strategic culture, synergy and unity.

The most significant activities of the IIWFS is authoring and translating books. The institute has published twelve books and is publishing the Journal of Islamic World Studies.

The Institute of Islamic World Future Studies has investigated the encyclopedia of the Islamic World during 6 years and turns it to an eight-volume book of the Islamic World as the most significant publication of the institute, which revealed in August 2014 with participation of scholars and ambassadors of Islamic countries in Tehran.

Theorizing on the area of unity among Islamic societies, expanding economic collaborations among Islamic countries and also catching up development based on Islamic worldview are considered as an another major objectives of IIWFS your social media marketing partner